Thursday, 7 January 2010


Here's a piece for you written by Carolyn from Lush Lincoln...

Hearing of the blue wave happening in London and knowing that I would be in Copenhagen it-self, I was very excited. I had marched in Brussels, the heart of the European Community, before but I had never seen so many people from so many different countries as I did around the Bella Centre!

I was, no animal cruelty intended, killing two birds with one stone; I was visiting some good friends and participating in one of the most talked bout and important demonstrations regarding modern day people’s demand for change to a more respectful and harmonious future! – Climate Change Talks 2009

Everybody I met; young eco-nerds like my-self, was so pumped with energy and excitement, knowing, hoping that the right decisions would be made and that they would have been there to support them. I was just as inspired, being French; I was also enchanted by Nicolas Sarkozy him-self. No French President has inspired me so much, and Rasmus Faa Rasmusen is his Danish stunt double. Around a good old tuborg we all mused at how those two would put a spell on all other nations; Vive la Révolution! However, there was always an underlying tension and frustration in our talks as we all, deep down, believed that no matter how well and hard certain countries pushed, others would still not sway and realise that change is necessary. This feeling was also felt when in the streets. Demonstrators were sometimes loosing patience and the police often looked overwhelmed. Though we never lost face, I felt tensions were running high, but the cold definitely kept them under wraps.

Even though, my moments of walking and chanting with my friends felt glorious and I hope you all get to feel that same rush someday. It must be said, being in Hopenhagen, that demonstrating is not for the faint hearted. Arrests are made, people shout, barriers are trampled, you loose a couple of toes to the frost and yet there is still a huge sense of solidarity and that rollercoaster of emotions makes it all worth while! We knew, after talking to people in the streets that we all cared and that even if talks fell through we’d all shout together that much louder until our nation leaders did the right thing!

So I came back to Britain on a cloud of certainty, certainty that I would witness change. I sat and pondered over it, and pondered, and pondered, and pondered as my connecting train in Peterborough arrived with a five-hour delay! Note to self: next time, bring two books; one for the way there and one for the way back. Welcome home!