Sunday, 6 December 2009

Happy Hippies!!

After 6 1/2 hours on quite literally the worst megabus ride I have EVER taken, I arrived in to London Victoria excited for the wave event yesterday morning.
Michael had travelled all the way from Glasgow and our first thought at 07:30am was BREAKFAST!

After a plate of fried joy served by the nicest cockney I ever did meet, we rambled around London killing time until the 12 'o'clock kick off.

With hindsight, walking around half of London before the march began (having had only 30minutes sleep on a cramped night bus) was not a good plan.
But we saw Buckingham Palace and meandered around Mayfair ogling the architecture and chattering excitedly about how the day was going to go.
Nothing like a walk to feed your excitement and by the time we got to Grosvenor Square, we were suitably buzzing!

We were two of the first to arrive and watching the thousands flood into the square as noon approached was quite something. Groups such as RSPB, Christian Aid, Transition and Friends of the Earth all gathered and painted each other blue. It was so cold, I think we probably could have managed the blue hands without the paint but they slapped it on us and the rest of the day was spent not trying to cover everything we touched in blue (failed).

It took some time for the march to get going - Esther was impatient and we snuck our way over and under barriers until we reached the front of the pack...and we were off!
Dancing through Berkley Square to a Bollywood brass band was pretty damn surreal but they were so funky it was hard to do anything else. The vibe was happy, excited and very very friendly - old people, young people, parents with pushchairs and toddlers all came along to show that climate change is a real worry to the ordinary soul. This was not just about a few environmentalists getting on their high horse, this was a true representation of the people that care what happens in Copenhagen because they understand the importance of protecting our planet for the (very near) future.

The Preston Lushies arrived after the march had set off and finding them really did take all day - but our reunion on the Embankment was emotional ;-) Claire from Kingston Lush had also managed to miss us but we caught up with her snapping away with her camera near parliament.
It was lovely to be together in time for the 3pm wave - 50,000 blue palms waving at Big Ben as the chimes rang it looked amazing from above!

You can read all about the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition right here and make sure you look through the pictures of the day to see just how incredible it all was.

Look out for more pictures of our day out soon....

Friday, 4 December 2009

Before The Wave....

I am sat eating a potato today, filing myself with slow release energy for the coming bus journey to London. I get on my coach at 1:15am - very bad time really as the last metro shoots into town for around 11:30pm so I'm gonna have waaaaaay too much time to kill in a relatively frozen Newcastle. Ho hum!

But I'm looking forward to arriving tomorrow morning and finding a band of Lushies waiting to go a-troopin' with me! It's going to be wonderful fun...

But let's not forget that there is a serious side to all of this flashmobbing, splashdancing, blue handed marching and megabus travelling - the march is aiming to show support for all those who seek change at this months climate change talks in Copenhagen.

You can read about why this is important here -> What's happening man?

This guy spelt it our far more eloquently than I ever could, but the main point to take away is that Climate Change is REAL, it WILL be devastating and it is affecting people NOW!
We need meaningful debate, commitment to action and measurable results!

If you'll be there tomorrow - HURRAH! If you won't - do your bit in store and support the march by holding a mini wave Splashdance! check the link here -> BOOGIE BABY YEAH!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Welcome to the Lush Naked News!

Happy Blogday everybody :-)
This is a space for me to post longer bits of information for all the Lush Green Helpers to nosey about in and share with staff and customers alike!
We will shortly be releasing an email newsletter of the same name that will go directly to the shops inbox (or to your personal address if you let me know).
If you have pictures or stories of things you have done in your shop then please, please send them to me and I will try and get as many featured as possible. If you have any ideas for things you would like to see or articles you have written yourself then send these too - let's make this a real collaborative effort!!
So make a note of this link - don't forget it - and keep an eye out for the first email edition at the end of January.