Friday, 4 December 2009

Before The Wave....

I am sat eating a potato today, filing myself with slow release energy for the coming bus journey to London. I get on my coach at 1:15am - very bad time really as the last metro shoots into town for around 11:30pm so I'm gonna have waaaaaay too much time to kill in a relatively frozen Newcastle. Ho hum!

But I'm looking forward to arriving tomorrow morning and finding a band of Lushies waiting to go a-troopin' with me! It's going to be wonderful fun...

But let's not forget that there is a serious side to all of this flashmobbing, splashdancing, blue handed marching and megabus travelling - the march is aiming to show support for all those who seek change at this months climate change talks in Copenhagen.

You can read about why this is important here -> What's happening man?

This guy spelt it our far more eloquently than I ever could, but the main point to take away is that Climate Change is REAL, it WILL be devastating and it is affecting people NOW!
We need meaningful debate, commitment to action and measurable results!

If you'll be there tomorrow - HURRAH! If you won't - do your bit in store and support the march by holding a mini wave Splashdance! check the link here -> BOOGIE BABY YEAH!

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